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Developed by Grand Master Mikeal ‘Bear’ Smith


The PGR Self-Protection System(TM) is designed to incorporate a system of strikes, locks, throws, and knowledge providing maximum efficiency with minimal exposure using Physics, Gravity, and Reality and draws from over forty five years of the developer’s real life street experience, martial arts and close quarters combat training. The system does not labor itself by teaching endless drills or repetitions of basic strikes, locks, or throws but instead teaches, in both theory and practice, how to apply learned techniques more efficiently without the expenditure of unnecessary energy while increasing their effectiveness.


Physics - Simple study of the body’s physics reveals a constant factor inherent to all untrained people. That factor being the desire to stand upright or erect. In order to gain advantage over an opponent in close quarters combat one must disrupt the natural physics of the body which in turn allows gravity to do most, if not all, of the work required to collapse the opponent or at least disrupt their thought process as they try to correct their posture. As the opponent is recovering from the disruption you can then execute any required attack(s) deemed appropriate.


Gravity - In our world gravity is always at work. The objective of the system is to use gravity as an ally by positioning the opponent or applying a strike in a manner that uses gravity as the multiplier of mass thereby using less energy and causing a more devastating effect on the opponent and by using both big and little circle theories in conjunction with each other.


Reality - The system uses years of experience, both hands on and observational, along with training analysis to determine how an opponent will normally or readily react in various situations. This allows for techniques to be applied in a preemptive manner giving greater advantage in combat vs. reacting to an opponent’s moves.


Study, practice, and combining of the three core elements, Physics, Gravity, and Reality, creates the knowledge needed to enhance learned techniques maximizing their efficiency with minimal expose to the practitioner. The reading of a book or the viewing of a DVD/Video can only provide the basic idea of how any technique is executed; the learning of subtle nuances, which actually make a technique work, can only be conveyed through actual real time instruction and application. Practitioners are urged to seek qualified instruction in order to maintain integrity of the system and acquire faith in their abilities to execute techniques under stress.



Copyrighted © 2009 by Mikeal F. Smith; All Rights Reserved.

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