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  • "Master Smith has been instructing our daughter in martial arts for 13 years, his dedication and encouraging method of teaching has made the learning process both fun and empowering for her. Tang Soo Do, JuJitsu, Arnis/Eskrima, Close Quarters Combat or Self-Defense, you can get it all with Master Smith's classes. Master Smith comes with our highest recommendation; he is a mentor and friend." ~ Dan and Sabina Engelken

  • "My son and I have trained with Master Smith for several years. We've found the PGR system to be rooted in practical use and a great way to explore and enhance many styles of martial arts. Master Smith himself is an "old school" instructor, one who is open-minded and truly invested in his students' progress and learning. We're glad and grateful to include his knowledge and experience in our training!" ~ Joel Muller

  • "If you are looking for Practical and Effective martial training, I really wish you would go see my good friend Mikeal Smith. He is one of the most knowledgeable, no-nonsense, pragmatic instructors I have ever had the pleasure to work with. And he's a pretty good fellow, too." ~ Sifu Keith Miller

  • "Master Smith is one of the most honest people I've ever met; he doesn't give people the answer they want to hear and he's a 'straight shooter'. His martial arts background is impressive and his ability to progress the martial arts is beyond the typical. I remain honored to not only have trained with him, but to call him 'friend'." ~ Master Monua Cary

  • "I have been involved with various forms of martial arts for over 20 years and I like Master Smith’s method of teaching concepts rather than techniques. The concepts he teaches are practical and effective for street defense while also helping to improve my own martial arts abilities.  I can take the concepts I learn in his Close Quarters Combat class and use them to hone and augment the techniques I already know. Anyone, no matter your belt level, can benefit from his teaching." ~ BKJN Keith White

  • "Master Smith is a friend and just the kind of friend that every warrior wants. He can not only hold is own, but he can be depended upon to make the right decisions at the right time and in the right way. He has distilled his martial arts down to the nuts and bolts. He throws away anything that doesn't fit his strict criteria of effective combat effectiveness. He is always looking for a better way to do things and not that he needs to, but because this is a sign of a true martial warrior on the martial path of growth. Simplicity in your combat effectiveness takes a lot of work and he has always been willing to put the time in. I was lucky to have been honored to teach in his school on a few occasions and while at his school was asked the why of the whys that I do what I do. He stood and listened and then asked piercing questions about everything that I do. The kind of questions that I also ask and wasn't ashamed to question some of what I do and I loved it. Master Smith is an Instructor's Instructor that anyone should be happy to have as an Instructor in the martial arts. I don't recommend many men, but I do highly recommend Master Smith." ~ GM Ron Saturno

  • "Master Mikeal Smith is one of the most honorable and honest Martial Arts Instructors I've had the pleasure of working with in over 20+ years in the Martial Arts Industry. As a Martial Arts School Owner, I am always looking for the best, most talented, capable and effective instructors that can share new and improved "tools" to my students and benefit their training and Martial Arts Journey. Master Mikeal Smith is always evolving and developing the most effective and efficient training systems and philosophies to help his students maintain the highest level of self protection possible. I'm grateful and honored to have Master Mikeal Smith as my mentor and instructor and highly recommend training with him in his PGR System." ~ KJN Denice Challender-Slater, Owner/Instructor

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