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Programs, classes, and seminars are designed for you and your lifestyle needs; such as Civilian (adults & mature juniors), Law Enforcement, Military, or Special World Travel. Regardless of which you choose, training is not a White Collar Black Belt Factory or 'McDojo' child care. Student safety and real results are a priority.


Instead of being one of the many faces in a large class going through the motions; semi-private classes offer a focused and faster learning environment with two to three times more quality training for the student.


Cost of instruction varies depending on type and length of each program. Book an appointment for a no obligation interview.


Gift Certificates also available; valued at $50.00 reduced to $40.00 ($35.00 each with a purchase of 2 or more). This gift may even save a life and that of course is priceless. Contact by clicking 'BOOK NOW' or call 775-741-0819

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